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Below you will find a link ( to a directory of therapists, coaches, and multi-disciplinary healers who can provide free support sessions. These are free services open to anyone who identifies as Black in the Philly area. Please consider whether you'd want to see a provider for ongoing work or short-term work.



All listed providers completed a "terms of use" application which includes: an expectation of offering anti-racist and trauma-informed therapeutic services; non-Black providers are asked to describe to us what anti-racist personal and professional development they've had; and an agreement to regularly update their availability in the directory.


Note: this directory is located in a google/excel sheet with 5 tabs. The first tab is the actual directory. Please contact providers directly to set up sessions. The other tabs contain additional resources and instructions for providers. If you have any questions for the directory admins and/or important feedback about your experience with a certain provider, please email:


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This resource was organized by two therapists, Aury Garcia (non-Black Latinx) and Rebecca Alvarez (mixed race, Latinx/white). We did so in an effort to redistribute resources for Black people who endure an additional burden of living with anti-Blackness in America. Ongoing admin maintenance of this resource will occur with additional support from therapists Forogh Rahim (Asian-American, Afghan) and Basil Guyer (white). While we are calling for free services, we see these services through the lens of reparations. These free services need to be quality services, not services that could risk doing more harm. As administrators of this resource, we will uphold an anti-racist expectation when reviewing the provider applications and understand that the ultimate responsibility falls on the individual provider. We have included our names here for transparency and accountability purposes.


This resource is intended to primarily support both Black individuals looking for anti-racist healing resources and Black therapists who would benefit from anti-racist colleagues offering additional support.      


This also offers a way for non-Black therapists to acknowledge how we’ve benefited from anti-Blackness. We’ve included a link to resources for anti-racist personal/professional development in the directory.


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